Our Doctors

Dr. Tasnem Elsokary


Dr. Tasnem Elsokary graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor in Dentistry (BDS) from October 6 University, Egypt. She completed her internship at the University Hospital and She also have a 4 years of working experience from Benha Children’s Specialized Hospital, Egypt and many privately owned dental clinics and centers. She is DHA licensee with one year working experience in Dubai.

Scope of Service: 

• Examine, diagnose and set treatment plan for dental and oral symptoms adult and  pediatric patients express.
• Regular dental checkups, scaling & polishing and follow ups.
• Provide dental education on different oral hygiene protocols suitable for the patient.
• Provide dental treatments for children under both local and general Anesthesia.
• Provide cosmetic dentistry from veneers to whitening to tooth colored fillings.
• Provide restorative dental care as fillings, prosthetic crowns and root canal treatments